Nancy Lee Galloway

Art and Travel

Raised in India, living, studying and working overseas has rendered me hopelessly enamored of travel in all its forms.  Painting I come late to but not drawing. I have loved to draw since childhood.

Nancy Lee, Esther and Style

Pan Am "Queen of the Skies"

Flying into London I managed to stumble into eight years of modeling which proved to be a near perfect combination of creative work and travel.

The elephants were real and I was fearless at four! (Kandy, Sri Lanka)

Travel became embedded in my life - it informed my work and, at times, became part of my work.

Fiat calendar, North Sea, Germany

My Marilyn Tribute

Back in the US, fate (and a leap of faith), prompted me to start a yacht charter and special events company - "Nautical Destinations" - along  with my business partner, Lynne. 

Dames at Sea

On board M/Y "Enticer" - A 1935 Mathis Trumpy yacht

"Pirates of the Caribbean"- Volvo Ocean Race - Parade of Sail from Baltimore to Annapolis

Racing yachts lined up in Annapolis -   "Whitbread Round the World Ocean Race" 

Racing yachts lined up in Annapolis - "Whitbread Round the World Ocean Race" 

Schooner "Woodwind"- Nautical star of "Wedding Crashers"

"Duchess of Pintail" - Baltimore Harbor

Successful years of fun and excitement ended with the sale of NDI in the spring of 2007.   Travel moved back to the forefront and became the focus of life until a wonderful trip to the Isle of Skye sent me spiraling into the world of watercolor.

With a real, 18 month old baby panda girl - Chengdu, China

Plein air - not my usual art MO

"Painting is a source of endless pleasure, but also of great anguish." (Balthus)